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I think i don't need love I think i don't need love

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No problem ;)

Demony heart Demony heart

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Why dont you seek for a boyfriend in your school?
Well i like your drawing skills tho.
Btw dont let ur dreams be dreams PikaLight ;D Just do it.

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Madness day 2015 celebration! :D Madness day 2015 celebration! :D

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WOW Thats Amazing!!!

tailsbuddy responds:

Really? Thanks c:

You blow my mind. You blow my mind.

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Did suicide inspire You to make this art but this is amazing i love the blood.

Pyra getting rekt Pyra getting rekt

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Whats the big bump under the breasts but btw.
Great job with the art bro i use to learn to draw better by looking at your art.
At paper...

Cethic responds:

The bump is the tentacle going through her anus, through her large intestine up to her stomach

Revenge or Fall? Revenge or Fall?

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Nice i love it

Greg the Mailman Greg the Mailman

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Nice ink drawing its amazing i want to see more when you have time