Anyone have Timelapse Suggestions?

2017-07-31 18:45:45 by T3xno

Hi im going to make a yt video tommorow and idk what im going to make :/


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2017-07-31 18:49:34

animation test timelapse?

T3xno responds:

Yes.. I have been thinking of like a Sombra style hacking with my char :/


2017-07-31 19:22:29

Animate my OC lol


2017-07-31 19:46:26

Animate Strawberry Clock,da king of the portal!!11

T3xno responds:

show me who it is.


2017-07-31 21:56:33

what about a Character reloading their gun and then gets hit by a Shovel?

T3xno responds:

Nice idea