My origns

2017-07-27 19:56:52 by T3xno


This is how i got into madness and how i began to hate child welfare workers... ill prob make a part 2 cuz it says so :/ idk maybe not.


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2017-07-27 19:59:21

So you got kidnapped or adopted?

T3xno responds:

To say it forward. I got kidnapped becuse they never told me i was leaving my parents for good... Thats why i started animating this. And my mind says everyone i see dies are those :)


2017-07-27 21:50:24

dang man. at least you got us.

T3xno responds:

This why i made a account on Newgrounds.


2017-07-27 22:23:15

Wait, you never saw your parents again for real?

T3xno responds:

I havent seen them... Yet


2017-07-28 06:20:34



2017-07-28 06:28:11

This is just fuck up man, I hope you see them in the near future!

T3xno responds:



2017-07-28 13:21:35

It is sad boi. I hope someday those workers will have big problems in their life.


2017-07-29 13:33:05

Dude, that's really scary for me, my stomatch hurts now.
I wish better life in your future. ^^

T3xno responds:

Thanks :)


2017-07-30 20:48:26

Sorry that this happened to you but hey, you've got a family here, right?

T3xno responds:

I cant see my real family:/
But i feel like my closest friends is one of my family...


2017-07-31 12:40:18

congrats with 69 fans

T3xno responds:

Thanks :)


2017-08-27 15:22:10

I didnt knew that, oh shit

Feels sad :(((
Im sorry for that


2017-08-28 03:04:49

shit man thats sad hope that youll see your family some day i know somewhat what you feel my dad died a year ago and after three weeks of depresion so i started to animate madness so i would forget about it (still have the depresion (sorry for bad english i just woke up)