Its been a long time sense i made a post so here you go

2016-03-11 13:03:39 by T3xno

Hi guys i wanted just to say i aint so much on becuse i dont have a pc anymore becuse of the stupid orphanage... YEAH i have been there so now i am back and i can now lay out my stupid sprites becuse i dont think i will be here so much becuse i dont longer have a pc. So heres my sprites So i will make more post when i get a new computer for my birthday...  PS i wrote this message from my friends pc He does also animate so he will later in future make an account here on Newgrounds.


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2016-07-08 04:55:28

Very cool characters dude! :D

T3xno responds:

Thanks :D


2017-03-23 21:19:42

youre stupid


2017-04-17 14:24:13

Wait, are you from orphanage?? Nice chars btw