Entry #1

Well i said my last time but i want to show a Test

2015-12-05 09:40:27 by T3xno

Well here is my test http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/8fe6c95fe4d83fd699e5d88da494ab8a So I will maybe only set Testes here :D Oh yeah i updated my char


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2015-12-10 07:51:30

Nice test dood, Where did ya get those sounds. I usually make my own but I just figured that I should ask.

T3xno responds:

I can send you the sound pack when i get home one day... ;(


2015-12-10 08:46:42

nice test and char, and finally another one is using Pepper Sound Pack too :D

T3xno responds:

What is Pepper Sound Pack?


2016-01-09 06:55:09

Or are you using the grabell sound pack?

T3xno responds:

I dont remember and i have been in children home so i dont know if i continiue animation...


2016-01-09 08:20:15

k, also, your character it´s not all green, u forgot, the gloves ;), also, sorry for da 3rd comment.

T3xno responds:

Its not gonna be 100% green duuuuuuuh. But it wasnt mean the third comment... i think


2016-01-17 15:12:14

good work, you deserve 5 stars for this, keep it up :)

T3xno responds:



2016-05-23 20:53:28

It's pretty great