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Tell me whats missing if you see something i should try fix or improve.


Some new spam test :P

2017-06-27 15:43:48 by T3xno

The animation is poorly becuse im lazy as heck...

Test :D

2017-06-27 10:33:15 by T3xno

Wow i made a new test...

I need to try to be smoother with the foots. Other than that i like it.

Made Tracers Wep sprite

2017-06-26 15:50:20 by T3xno

I got bored so i made tracers guns

And for those who dont have cs5

Feel free to make a test or something out of it. It will make me glad you guys use it :D

Unfinished (very short) test

2017-06-22 15:54:02 by T3xno

I am trying to be more active here...

my sprites

2017-06-21 12:38:54 by T3xno heres my (new) character if anyone wants...

if you not have the version to use this sprites message me or something...

Test :P im back

2017-06-20 10:38:05 by T3xno

Made a new character to :P it sucks tho... same does the test.

Hi guys i wanted just to say i aint so much on becuse i dont have a pc anymore becuse of the stupid orphanage... YEAH i have been there so now i am back and i can now lay out my stupid sprites becuse i dont think i will be here so much becuse i dont longer have a pc. So heres my sprites So i will make more post when i get a new computer for my birthday...  PS i wrote this message from my friends pc He does also animate so he will later in future make an account here on Newgrounds.

Well i said my last time but i want to show a Test

2015-12-05 09:40:27 by T3xno

Well here is my test So I will maybe only set Testes here :D Oh yeah i updated my char